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Air odor cleaners are a vital requisite for every household and business. Odors and foul smells are simply a part of everyday life and cannot be avoided. Anyone that has small kids, pets or a smoker in their home can testify to the fact that odors can be quite a nuisance. Since odors are quite unavoidable, avoiding foul smell by using fragrant sprays and other room fresheners will only suppress the orders, and they will soon appear once again. To get rid of them, the odors have to be neutralized, and only then will the air be cleared.

Before purchasing an air order cleaner there are some facts that you should know. For example, the actual effectiveness of an air cleaner depends on the amount of air that the air purifier processes, what the pollutant is and how much is being emitted into the environment.

Air odor cleaners use Ozone HEPA filters and a variety of other methods, singly or together, to help keep the house smelling fresh, clean and odor-free. The ozone HEPA filters use a two step process: oxidation and ionization. Ozone is a naturally occurring gas that abounds in the air, and a purifier splits the oxygen molecules through a process called oxidation. The purifier then ionizes the dust and dirt particles causing negative charges. The negative charges then attach themselves to any foul smelling pollutants floating in the air and carriers them away.

In the newer purifiers, the ionization process makes use of safe radio waves to negatively charge particles in the air through walls and into other rooms. One unit is enough to filter the whole house. They prove effective in eliminating the smells and pollutants from smoke, cooking and any other odors present in the home.


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